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One Week, One Album: Episode 2 — EMMANUEL by Ameer Vann

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EIC Ben Henschel and Broadcast Editor Alex Dinyer take on one album a week — then review it on a podcast, giving overall thoughts and a track-by-track breakdown.

Episode 2 covers EMMANUEL Ameer Vann’s controversial new EP. Vann was kicked out of the LA rapping, singing, songwriting, producing and designing collective BROCKHAMPTON last spring due to abuse allegations and ordering a robbery on band member Dom McLennon’s friend, and hasn’t come out with music or much of a public outing since.

This is his first — and likely not his last in the near future. It comes just weeks after BROCKHAMPTON’s release, GINGER. Click here to listen to Episode 1, which reviews GINGER. 

Vann grapples with regret, suicidal thoughts, a troubled past and replacing vacuums with drugs and substances. It’s a chilling, devastating picture of Vann’s fallout with the group — but it also paves a path for his solo career in the future.

BEN (revised score): 7.5/10

ALEX: 6.2/10

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Author Spotlight

Ben Henschel

Ben Henschel
Senior Ben Henschel is entering his second year on Harbinger, this time as co-Editor-in-Chief, co-Broadcast Editor, lead anchor, a copy editor and member of the Editorial Board. Big politics and sports. Tons of playlists and pet peeves. Leader of Students Demand Action club, Young Democrats Club (but is a moderate, left-leaning), plays tennis, involved in SHARE, DECA, Choraliers and SME Youth & Gov. Owns a lawn mowing business. Loves to argue and can’t stand to settle. KU and Maryland ... »

Alex Dinyer

Alex Dinyer
Senior Alex Dinyer is entering is second semester on Harbinger as Head Broadcast Editor, and Multimedia Staff. Outside of Harbinger you can catch Alex pounding drives for SME golf, singing in choir and competing in DECA events and bumping Still Woozy wherever he is at. »

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