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What happened to Lancer Day? This year it lost a step.

I was stuck in the atmosphere of screaming sweaty teenagers. Seniors chanted ‘freshman shirts off’ and I was praying they wouldn’t. I already felt disgusting in my rainbow disco jumpsuit and didn’t need this day to get any worse.

I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see — but when I finally nudged my way out I found my friends and told them I was ditching. This lancer hadn’t had the best day.

It didn’t feel like it was Lancer Day. It was weird having it on a Thursday — knowing I had to come back to math class after a day of celebration wasn’t a highlight.

The Thursday parade date made it difficult to do homework and concentrate on school. Everyone knows it would have been better on a Friday, especially for families and little kids trying to get out of work and school. And the next day, it felt like half the chairs in every class were empty because so many kids checked out.

During the parade, I couldn’t tell half the floats apart — when tennis is disco themed and golf is go-go, it’s pretty hard to.

Rather than choosing an era of music, each group should’ve picked a singular artist as their inspiration. There could’ve been floats dedicated solely to Taylor Swift or Jimi Hendrix.

After a glitter-filled parade, everyone sprinted towards the pep rally, filled with gym-locker smelling guys and girls screaming their heads off. I hate being packed in so tight, having to fight for every breath

I was done with screaming Baño after about 10 minutes, so I left and suddenly realized I have to walk in these God-awful flip flops all the way back to East. By the end of the “school day,” I was exhausted, hot and just needed to get away from screaming, shirtless freshman for a bit.

My day wasn’t over yet though. There was still the football game — SME vs. Lawrence. I showed up in my lancer nation outfit ready for a game, only to be disappointed.

After barely five minutes of playing, and a touchdown already for the other team, the football game was cancelled due to weather. Mother Nature, are you serious? It’s Lancer Day and it never storms on the best day of the year. It was going to be a long night — I was not prepared.

A few East kids and I went to drown our Lancer Day sorrows in Chick- Fil-A sauce. We were hoping lemonade and waffle fries would pull us out of misery.

The day was finished and I was ready to go home and take a deep breath — and a long shower to wash the glitter out of my hair.

I put away my lancer nation outfit and prayed next year would be better.

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Emma Brown

Emma Brown
Sophomore Emma Brown is excited to be starting her first year on Harbinger as a staff writer. She has been involved with SHARE, and SME tennis. She’s looking forward to working on Harbinger in years to come. »

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