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Two Girls One Craft: Chalkboard Mirror

This month we decided to mix it up a little and try something a little more complex. However, the project ended up turning into a complete disaster (shocker). We were scrolling through Pinterest and saw a mirror that had a frame of bottle caps. A lightbulb went off in both our heads that it would be our next project.

last2Over the course of two weeks we went into different bar and grills to collect their old bottle caps. We started off by picking out the caps that were still intact. That was difficult because most were bent and unusable.

Then we individually super-glued down each bottle cap to the smooth mirror. To our surprise metal doesn’t stick to mirrors. After that discovery, we resorted to something a little less complicated. We shifted to a chalkboard mirror project. With some last minute adjustments we were able to pull through a decent DIY, with the help of our mothers’ craft closet.

So now we bring to you the “Chalkboard Mirror”

DSC_6965Materials needed: 

Mirror – Michael’s craft store has a wide variety to choose from

chalk paint – at most craft stores

painter’s tape



1. Tape off the sections of the mirror that you would like to keep as an actual mirror

2. For the section that is not taped, use your paintbrush and paint on the chalkboard tape

3. Paint three to four extra coats, make sure the paint is completely dry before applying each extra coat

4. Remove the tape

5. Hang the mirror in your desired hanging spot 

Once again, Two Girls One Craft brings you the easiest DIY project on the web. We will be sticking with the plain and simple projects for now, but who knows what we will bring to you next year.

As for the mirror, we hung ours in my bathroom. I have a tendency to lose track of time. Every night I write the important things I have to do for the next day. Then in the morning I wake up, brush my teeth and see my reminder.

Hang it in your bedroom and write your favorite quote. Hang it in your kitchen with your favorite recipe written across the top. Hang it wherever you please. We are just your DIY specialists, not your home decorators.


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