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The Struggle of Being a Chiefs Fan

The Struggle of Being a Chiefs Fan

Are you happy and looking for disappointment and anger in your life?

Consider this: become a Chiefs fan.

The Chiefs organization must be held responsible for ruining my Christmas break for the past 17 years. Seriously. While winter break ending and piles of biology 2 homework stacking up is bad enough already, the Chiefs consistently losing their home playoff games is like living in an episode of American Horror Story.

Life as a Chiefs fan is feeling like a 40 lb anvil smashed my skull in around playoffs every year. As a Chiefs fan, I can tell you that there’s nothing more than we want than playoff success.

We’ve lost 11 out of the last 12 playoff games. Not to mention, the last time we were in the Super Bowl, Elvis could have performed at the halftime show.

At the end of every Greek tragedy of a season, I declare that I’m DONE with the Chiefs.

“Never watching another game again. Nope nope nope.”

But then the draft starts.

And the trade rumors.

And then they look pretty good in the preseason.

So I might as well watch the home opener.

And then a few wins later I’m sucked into the insane vortex of the “this is our year” mentality the Twitter yahoos create every year.

Then a devastating loss.


All I want is one playoff win. Please. Kansas City has the most dedicated fan base. We pack the stadium and have the 7th highest regular season ticket sales with over 70,000 fans packing the stadium for each game. Our local stations get the highest views in the NFL. Chiefs fans get a yearly beating, but out of some strange loyalty keep coming back with a full heart. It’s like the city collectively decided to torture ourselves.

I’m already 17 years into my life sentence as a Chiefs fan. My mom is in her forties and has never seen a Chiefs Super Bowl. And let me tell you, I can’t be in my forties watching the Chiefs lose every year.

This year seemed like our year. Oh we looked so good.

I have several irrational conspiracies on the topic ranging from Andy Reid being paid by the Broncos to blow the season, to the NFL owners getting together and decided the Chiefs don’t get to win. There had to have been some sort of divine intervention.

We blame Alex Smith.

“He needs to take a risk.”

We blame Andy Reid.

“I have better clock-management and I have an essay that’s due tonight that I haven’t started.”

We blame the refs.

“Do they need to review that play again in braille because the refs are blind.”

There is no one to blame but ourselves. We watch the games. We sign up for this heartbreak. We would try to go on strike, but our love for them keeps us in.

The Chiefs choke in the playoffs. They will constantly disappoint us every season no matter what. Out of some crazy Kansas City devotion, we keep watching them.

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Elizabeth Ballew

Elizabeth Ballew is a junior at East and this will be her second year on staff as a writer and page designer. She is also in the IB program and hopes to volunteer a lot this year. Outside of stressing over Harbie deadlines, Elizabeth enjoys getting queso with friends and endless walks with her labradoodle. She is pumped for this upcoming year and can’t wait to get to work. Read Full »

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