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Students Receive Long Awaited iPhone 6

A bigger screen, sleeker design and faster processor caused the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales to reach over ten million in the first weekend. A jump of one million since last year’s iPhone 5s release, according to the New York Times.

The newest models were available for pre-order starting Sept. 12, or customers could opt to camp out the night before, like junior Mark Ward. The ever-growing line didn’t stop him from getting the 50th spot when he arrived at 9:30 p.m. Thursday night.

“It was just an experience, something I’ve wanted to do,” Ward said.

In the mass of tents and chatter that surrounded the Apple Store in Leawood, Ward found himself waiting for 12 hours with only a sleeping bag and a chair for company.

“I was the only one really alone, other people were with friends,” Ward said.

Sophomore Emma Vaughters bought her iPhone 6 without the camping experience, the Sunday after it came out. In her opinion, it wasn’t necessary to stake out for the new technology.

“I think they should’ve waited to actually feel and see the phone in-person before camping out to get it,” Vaughters said.

Vaughters feels that the campers could have been disappointed by the new features, like she was.

“What I don’t like is how hard it is to text with one hand,” Vaughters said. “It’s really hard to reach my fingers all the way across the screen without feeling like I’ll drop it.”

Ward also feels that the 12 hour wait wasn’t worth it, but still holds the new model in high regards.

“I like it because you can see everything on your phone, it’s a lot cooler and faster,” Ward said.

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