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Student Council Selects Committee Chairs

Student Council chose the committee chairs for the five different committees – Student Court, Public Relations, Charity, Special Events and Social on Tuesday. Each one of these has a different task. Student Court deals with tickets given out in the parking lot, Public Relations publicizes  each event, Charity helps with donating items, Special Events creates new events for the whole school and Social plans each dance.

In order to become a committee chair, one has to have to be on Student Council for at least one year and submit an application. According to Student Body Vice President senior Peter Haynes, committee chairs are decided on by the current executive board, the upcoming executive board and the two sponsors Brenda Fishman and Hannah Pence. There is typically one or two people who chair the committees. Every member of student council – there are about 50 members – gets assigned to a committee of around eight to ten members.

The committee chairs for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Student Court: junior Reser Hall

Public Relations: junior Katie Hise and freshman Reilly Moreland

Charity: junior Grace Chisholm and freshman Gretchen Raedel

Special Events: freshman Brigid Wentz and junior Will Curran

Social: junior Madeline Hlobik

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