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Student Council Elections

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Positions for next year’s Student Council (STUCO) officers have been decided. Voting was open from April 12-14 after the candidates’ speeches during seminar on April 12.

The sophomore class will be represented by Dane Erickson as president, who is currently the freshman class president, Jet Semrick as vice president and Tom Joyce as treasurer. There will not be a secretary as no one ran for that position, however according to Erickson, it shouldn’t affect the group too bad.

“I don’t think my personal duties will change much because I feel like the entire class is one team, so the entire team will have to work a little harder to make up for the missing officer,” Erickson said.

For the junior class, Matthew Trecek will be president, who, like Erickson, is also his class’ current president, and Andrew Moore vice president. In addition, Denny Rice will be secretary and Kirby Motsinger treasurer.

Finally, Ryan Kahle will be senior class president while Ellie Mitchell will be the vice president. Allie Libeer and Yashi Wang will be the secretary and treasurer respectively.

“I’m very open and excited to do any events for the senior class,” Libeer said. “I think we all want to make it very student implemented so anything people want to happen, we can try and make it work. It’s bittersweet because I’ve been on STUCO since freshman year and so it’s sad to leave that behind, but [I’m] also accomplished and proud to be on it for the last time”

Committee chair applications are available this week in social studies teacher Brenda Fishman’s room. The committees include Public Relations, Judicial Review Committee, Social, Charity and Special Events. In addition, representative elections will be held in the fall that determine the additional five representatives for each grade.


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