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Shop For a Cause: Goods Promoting Organizations

In the conclusion of this blog series, I hope readers have gained insight into a new world that combines the popularity of fashion with the humanitarian goals of giving back. The last three organizations offer a variety of clothes, accessories and home goods.

Krochet Kids

With each item’s tag having the signature of the Ugandan woman who made it, Krochet Kids connects the product with the hands who made it. Impoverished women in Uganda and Peru are financially supported through working for Krochet Kids and sewing the products. Providing income to 150 women in Uganda and providing education and income to 38 women in Peru, Krochet Kids and its three founders have invested their resources and company in these two communities and are able to see the growth of each woman and their family. Starting with the typical crocheted items of scarves and beanies, the company has broadened its products to include hoodies, bags and T-shirts that compare to Urban Outfitters products. While I see the company as somewhat expensive, their simplistic style is fashionable in a contemporary sense.

Indego Africa

A source for many different artisans and social good organizations, Indego Africa is one of the largest organizations with the widest selection. Jewelry, clothes, home items and wedding products are all sold and the profits go right back to the people of Africa. I really liked the tribal feel of all the items and the structure of their social good reports that show their impact from each year. Take one look at these documents and see every location, resource and group of people that have been a part of the African support effort. The website and product design is full of class with vibrant color schemes, white backgrounds and seasonal lookbooks.

Altar’d State

Altar’d State is the store that brings me the most joy when I walk in. I am surrounded by rustic wooden walls and clothes that will take me a whole day to look through. After finding the store through Pinterest and driving to the Zona Rosa location, I fell in love with the variety of coral maxi dresses, American flag crop tops and Anthropologie-esque books cut out into letters. I am beyond excited that Altar’d State has a new location at Town Center. The variety of this store goes hand-in-hand with the many companies that sell their social good products like 31 Bits and Krochet Kids. Although not all products sold are “for good”, the overall store is predominantly supporting others around the world. The store also has a Christian foundation as they have a prayer request basket in the store.

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