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Seniors Begin Annual “Assassins” Game


The start of fourth quarter means graduation planning, AP test preparation and most importantly, assassins.

Assassins is a game that involves seniors being assigned “targets”, that they “kill” by hitting them with either a water gun or water balloon.

“I’m willing to break friendships in order to win,” said senior Mark Darling.

This tradition has been going on since the 70s, and is done every year by East and other schools in the area like Rockhurst and Blue Valley North.

It is organized by a group of seniors who collect money from everyone that creates the winner’s prize, and randomizes the list of players to assign targets. This year the leaders of the game are Jordan Hall, Olivia Redelsheimer, Erin Wilkins and Regina Basse.

Senior Jordan Hall was friends with the leaders last year, and decided to be in charge because he likes the concept but thinks he would be bad at it. “I personally would be the first person out if I played,” said Hall.

The seniors involved go to all kinds of lengths to get their targets out; hiding in bushes at the target’s home, stalking them over the weekend, following them to restaurants, etc.

Each time a target is killed, the person who got them out gets that person’s target, and the last person standing gets all the money people gave in order to play. According to Hall, there are around 150 players and $800 as the prize.

Once someone has been killed, the information is confirmed by both parties and then tweeted from the SME Assassins account.

The game lasts basically from the beginning of April until graduation.

“I’m excited about winning, because that’s what I’m going to do,” said Darling.

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