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MCU Pod: Avengers Endgame Review

Harbinger Online Editor-in-chief Ben Henschel and Asst. Video Editor Lawder DeSantis talk about Endgame — the second most successful movie of all time with 2.63 million as of June 1. The film ends iconic character arcs with a slew of nostalgic references and callbacks, and brings an end to Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga spanning three phases 22 movies over 11 years.

SPOILERS AFTER 2:40 mark — if you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch it and come back to listen to the rest!

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Author Spotlight

Ben Henschel

Ben Henschel
Senior Ben Henschel is entering his second year on Harbinger, this time as co-Editor-in-Chief, co-Broadcast Editor, lead anchor, a copy editor and member of the Editorial Board. Big politics and sports. Tons of playlists and pet peeves. Leader of Students Demand Action club, Young Democrats Club (but is a moderate, left-leaning), plays tennis, involved in SHARE, DECA, Choraliers and SME Youth & Gov. Owns a lawn mowing business. Loves to argue and can’t stand to settle. KU and Maryland ... »

Lawder DeSantis

Lawder DeSantis is Sophomore on his second year on staff as the Video Training Editor. Aside from Harbinger, he enjoys making Lego stop-motion animations, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. He is excited to improve his skills as a staffer this year and learn as much about journalism as possible. »

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