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New Teachers Q&A

Get to know three of East’s new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year.

Shannon Nolan (Social Studies):

What brought you to East?

“I came to Kansas for college and wasn’t sure if Kansas was the place I wanted to end up after school. After spending some time in Kansas City, I’ve grown to love the Midwest. East specifically stood out to me because of its tradition and school pride.”

Is there anything making you nervous for this year?

“This is my first year teaching high schoolers, so just about everything makes me slightly nervous.”

Who’s your favorite celebrity?

“Right now, I am in the midst of re-watching Friends, so I’ll stick with Jennifer Aniston.”

Maggie Archer (Aerobics):

What brought you to East?

“I am a Shawnee Mission graduate. I went to Shawnee Mission South and went to the University of North Dakota after high school. I met my husband up there and we were both high school PE and health teachers. Then we realized we were missing home, so we moved back this summer. I’m excited to be here.”

Is there anything you are hoping to accomplish with the students this year?

“I really want to get to know the kids and figure out what East is all about. I had a really good experience at South, and I hope students have that same experience here at East. It blows me away how kind everyone is — they have welcomed me and really made me feel included.”

What’s your favorite place you have traveled?

“We went to Mexico for our honeymoon a few months ago, and that was amazing. But I would love to go to Ireland. I love to travel — I want to go everywhere.”

Photo by Taylor Keal

Photo of Maggie Archer by Taylor Keal


Susan Barr (Counselor):

What brought you to East?

“At the end of last year, I was feeling like change and I saw that East had an opening. I decided to apply because I went to Shawnee Mission schools so I felt like it would be nice to get back to the district.”

What has been your favorite part of counseling here so far?

“I’ve enjoyed getting to meet students. Actually today I met with all seniors to talk about college, and just getting to know names and faces.”

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

“That would be from Andy’s, I get the Snow Monster which is strawberries and melted chocolate chips.”

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