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New App Makes Organization Easy

imageIf This, Then That (ITTT) is an app for people who like to be up to date. Its purpose is simple — to make things that are somewhat laborious on your iPhone simpler, through “recipes”. Recipes are created following the “If this then that” format. And who better to program the recipes than you, yourself? You can customize tasks for the app to carry out, like “If the Weather app says it’s going to rain tomorrow, then notify me”. Then, once activated, the IFTTT will do just that.

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What if you want to share your bright recipes with others, or use theirs? IFTTT has a whole database of shared recipes that are put in many useful categories, like “for the constant traveller” or “recipes for the workplace.” All of the recipes that you share or download are completely free.

IFTTT doesn’t just notify you when it’s going to rain. Some popular recipes are “Email me my new iPhone photos” and “When Facebook profile picture changes, update my Twitter profile picture”. These recipes are really handy by either helping you get things done faster or just being a helpful middleman on your iPhone.

A recipe that I’ve found really convenient is one that drops every song that I “like” on Soundcloud into my Dropbox, so I’m constantly finding and actually obtaining new music. One recipe that I’ve found useful (and would be for many other travellers) keeps my Google Calendar up-to-date on where I travel and when.

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