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Moms on the Job: Annedore’s Fine Chocolates

Photo by Aislinn Menke.

Photo by Aislinn Menke.

East parent Sheri Weedman, mother to junior John Weedman, had always gotten her husband’s employee gifts from Annedore’s — Weedman was charmed by their novelty chocolates. Ten  years ago when Weedman learned that the owner, Nancy Hatch, was retiring and selling the company, she decided to buy it — she wanted others to still be able to enjoy the chocolate pigs, cows, chocolates infused with wine and festive chocolate plaza light replicas.

One problem,  Weedman knew nothing about chocolate. She was used to making cookies and home-cooked meals, but couldn’t tell you how to temper chocolate. And she would have to learn fast because the chocolatier, the person who makes the chocolate, that came with the shop left during the holiday season — the busiest time of the year.

Weedman attended classes to train people in how to deal with chocolate’s temperamental behavior. She needed to learn how to make the products Annedore’s was known for, such as their triple chocolate truffles and classic chocolates.

She quickly hired their new chocolatier Rachel Freeman, and started working on expanding the company. As she started to gain her footing, Weedman brought it to the next level. Annedore’s came out with a line of French macaroons and started to frequently host gingerbread-building birthday parties in the shop.

Weedman wanted to make Hatch proud,  and feels like she has. She has expanded the company and made it more successful she ever thought it could be — they now have an ice cream line in the summer and stores around KC sell Annedore’s chocolate replica plaza lights.

“I hope and would like to think she is very proud and I hope when I go to sell it the next person who owns it loves it as much as I do,” said Weedman.

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Lydia Underwood

Lydia Underwood is a junior going into her second year on staff as a writer and broadcast editor. She is involved in Cross Country and Swim Team. Outside of school she loves to hang out with friends, watch YouTube and going to Energizing Mission. »

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