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Mayweather vs. McGregor

The one-of-a-kind fight between the boxing king Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been hyped up for almost a year now. Since the official announcement of the fight in November, critics have heavily favored Mayweather to win.

After nine months of training, the odds have been evening out. In November, Mayweather was given a -2250 favorite over McGregor’s +950. The lower the negative number, the higher the chance the fighter emerges victorious. According to, Mayweather now has a -450 favorite and McGregor a +325 underdog.

Mayweather has a spotless 49-0 record in his professional boxing career. McGregor has never fought in an official boxing match, only in the octagon for the UFC.

McGregor’s physical attributes give him an advantage over Mayweather. He stands five feet, nine inches tall, putting him one inch above Mayweather. His reach is also 74 inches, two inches longer than Mayweather’s.

Mayweather’s fighting style plays to his advantage. After 49 victorious fights, his “hit and not get hit” style has become world renowned. Mayweather has an average punch landing percentage of 35 percent per round, with his opponents only landing 19 percent.

There will be an estimated 5 million pay-per-view showings at $99 around the world, grossing to a total of around $485 million. These numbers will make the fight the top-grossing fight of all time.

UFC president Dana White said in a press conference, “[The fight] is the most distributed event in pay-per-view history, in over 200 countries on pay-per-view. This fight will reach over a billion homes worldwide.”

There is no “maybe him or him” for who thinks who will emerge victorious. It’s either Mayweather or McGregor.

Senior Sam McKnight has Mayweather all the way.

“It’s an obvious choice,” McKnight said. “McGregor has never fought in an official boxing match in his life. He has no chance.”

Senior Quinn Derusseau thinks the latter.

“McGregor is taller, has a longer reach, and is stronger than Mayweather,” Derusseau said. “Mayweather won’t be able to hold his own against McGregor.”

The fighters will enter the ring at 10:30 pm, Saturday, August 26. The fight could last 12 seconds or 12 rounds. After the first ding of the bell, it’s all up to chance.

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Harrison Gooley is a senior at Shawnee Mission East and is starting his third year on staff as a copy editor for the Harbinger. He plays football and lacrosse and is also involved in DECA. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his grandpa. Harrison is excited to be in his last year of high school and make memories. Read Full »

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