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“Love Island” Review

Growing up, I watched every single episode of Dance Moms twice. I’ve watched American Idol, The Voice, Survivor, The Bachelor — over-dramatic reality TV shows have always been my favorite. You name it, chances are I’ve watched it. 

Four months ago, I found myself scrolling through Hulu shows that — and then I came across “Love Island.” The bright blues, whites and pinks of the background and the cute guys in swimsuits immediately caught my eye. I figured it would be another romance-filled, cheesy, heart-tugging show — and I knew that I would love it.

But nothing prepared me for just how much  I was going to love it. 

For those of you who haven’t my new favorite show, “Love Island” is a British reality tv show. Six guys and six girls are thrown into a luxurious villa, complete with an infinity pool and unlimited snacks. There’s only one rule — be coupled up by the end of the week or you’re sent home. 

Lying in my bed at 6 p.m. — 5 hours before my usual bedtime — I started the first episode. All in the span of a one hour episode, I felt just about every emotion I could think of, from utter sadness when Josh and Lauren broke up to anxiety for Jess to complete happiness when John and Hanna got together. I’d watched the first six couples form, blossom, and a few fall apart. Who fancied who? Why was she mad at him? What does “pied” (being dumped) even mean? 

After I finished, I immediately started the second episode. Then the third. Then the fourth. Then the fifth. By the time I finished, it was 12:30 a.m. and I didn’t even need subtitles to understand the British accents. 

Each episode made me want to watch the next episode, with no storyline ever truly finished until the season finale. It got to a point where I had seen the are you watching screen too many times to count. 

The show is always moving because of recouplings, dumpings and new arrivals. I’ve never watched a boring episode, because there’s been everything from throwing the boys into a completely new villa with a new set of girls to bringing someone’s ex to the show, normally causing someone to get “mugged off.”

Just like every show, everyone has their favorite couples. There’s the underdogs — the ones who no one expects to happen, the OG’s — the couple who have been together since the beginning, the drags — the ones who are so perfect for each that it makes them boring and the friend zone — the ones who ended up with each other by default. 

My favorite has always been the OG’s. Something about the fact they have passed every test and remained by each other’s side has always held a special place in my heart, while making me just a little bit jealous at the same time. I have found myself getting so invested in them that I have cried both happy and sad tears. 

The intense accents, random British lingo and most of the time unnecessary drama is what makes “Love Island” a show worth watching. If you’re looking for a show to watch, I would seriously recommend stealing your friend’s parents’ Hulu account — but not if you plan on being productive anytime soon.

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