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Kads’ Korner: Thrifting

Thrifting: verb the sport involving the act of thrift store shopping, often including large savings and great second hand gets.

Shopping at thrift stores can be intimidating. The part that most people find discouraging is the digging. Perseverance is the key.

My Recommendations:

  1. Bring a friend that can both keep you entertained and help you be selective.
  2. Know where to go and when. I went to City Thrift on Wornall and Savers on 95th and Nall. Some stores have special Sunday offers. Savers has holiday specials such as Labor Day. Savers also tends to put all of their clothes for the new season out on the same day. If you can find out what day it is, you’ll get first pick and the best finds!

Have an idea of what you are looking for before you go so you don’t get overwhelmed. I was looking for a flannel shirt, overalls, and (a new) boyfriend Jean– all of which I found!

plaid skirt before pic plaid skirt after pic



I found this skirt over the summer at ATC (Arizona Trading Company) in Westport for $3.95. I loved it because it is what I call “ugly-beautiful”. I saw the potential in it by the means of altering the hem. I’m happy with the way it turned out because it reminds me of an American Apparel plaid circle skirt, and it’s a lot less expensive.



shirt before pic Shirt after pic



Perusing the overstocked racks of City Thrift, a plain t-shirt caught my eye. I wanted to create a high-fashion punk look, which I achieved by hand sewing bolts I found in my dad’s toolbox into a pyramid design. These suckers only cost 18 cents a piece! I also hemmed it for the boxy crop top look to make it trendy.



floral skirt before pic floral skirt to dress after pic



The last thing I bought that I made alterations to was a handmade, two-piece skirt and blazer.

I only bought the skirt for $2.95 and left the blazer. I pulled the skirt up to make a dress and used the belt that went with it to make straps in a trendy cut-out-like design.


levi before pic levis after pic




These relaxed fit Levis were exactly what i was looking for in boyfriend jeans. They are comfy but also fit the men’s wear trend. They look good rolled or left to do their thing.






Overalls are definitely back in style and you can find them at plenty of mainstream stores, but there’s something rewarding about finding them second hand. These ones fit my criteria of a relaxed, easy-going look. The front pocket added authentic detail and the rolled ankle completed the look I was going for.


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