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International Club Hosts Lobster Landing

This Sat., May 10 the International Club will be hosting their bi-annual lobster landing event. This year will be the 80th Lobster Landing.

The Landing is a sale of live lobster to raise money for scholarships for students who want to study in other countries and also for the current foreign exchange students at East.

“[The Lobster Landing] allows us to be a able to provide certain things for our exchange students,” International Club sponsor Brenda Fishman said. “For our international students we buy their yearbooks, dance tickets, senior announcements and senior picture.”

The international club meets once a month in Fishman’s room. Fishman has been doing this event for over 25 years, and according to her the event usually sells around 100 lobsters, each for 16 dollars.

“Sometimes families buy two or four, sometimes we have groups or parties that will buy 25 lobsters,” Fishman said.

The Lobster landing isn’t just selling lobsters. At the event, there are many other games and activities to do.

“[The atmosphere] is a lot of fun. We have lobster races, and the kids get to wear plastic lobster bibs, so they have a good time,” Fishman said.

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