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Hen House Bakery Must-Haves

Hen House – the one-stop-shop for groceries, quick lunches and of course, bakery goodies. While Hen House offers a plethora of sweet treats, my top three from the bakery section are the chocolate chip muffins, cupcakes and donuts.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

OMG. Hen House’s chocolate chip muffins are the epitome of yummy. The texture of the semi-crunchy top coated with a sugary glaze and mini chocolate chips create the perfect first bite. Once you get past the top layer, you’re greeted with a soft and spongy muffin with mini chocolate chips in every bite. This muffin isn’t for the faint of heart — or those with high blood sugar — as the whole thing is basically sugar. That doesn’t stop me though, these muffins are my go-to breakfast, snack and late night dessert. Each muffin is $1.50, and you can stock up on them for the week — just make sure you keep them in a closed container so they don’t get hard and stale.


The best cupcakes I’ve ever had are from elementary school birthday treats. Do you know where a majority of those cupcakes are from? Hen House. In my eyes, grocery store cupcakes are far better than high-end cupcakes from a bakery — and they’re a fraction of the cost. Biting into a $1 Hen House cupcake is like biting into a cloud. The whipped and airy frosting isn’t too sweet and the first bite of cake is moist and rich in all the best ways. If you’re craving a sweet snack, stop into Hen House on your way home from school to snag a cupcake.


Glazed, Boston cream, fruit-filled, sprinkled, Long Johns, you name it — Hen House has it. Hen House’s donut shelf is almost overwhelming, but once you make up your mind on what donut — or donuts — you want, you’re in the clear. I believe the superior donut is frosted with chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles, and Hen House does not disappoint. It’s almost too good — I’m able to gulp down an entire hunk of this perfectly fried dough topped with chocolate and sprinkles before I even have a chance to take a sip of my orange juice. For about 80 cents, Hen House’s donuts make the perfect breakfast for when you’re on the go and need something quick, yet filling.

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