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Nurses’ office to supply personal hygiene products for students

The Nurses’ offices of SMSD are now offering personal hygiene products for students and families who are in need of them.

These products include deodorants, lotions, soap, toothpaste and feminine care products.

The SHARE program partnered with “Giving the Basics” to provide these products to families that can’t afford them because government assistant programs don’t provide these hygienic products.

SHARE is working with the school nurses and Giving the Basics to order specific products every month that they think will help benefit the students longevity, hygiene and self image at school.

“It is important to make sure that each student can maintain their hygiene and dignity,” SHARE President Krissie Wiggins said. “Students who lack these supplies are at a much greater risk for things like not showing up for school, being bullied or being isolated”.

School nurses use order forms to request the most needed products and send the list to Giving the Basics.The items are picked up and packaged by the SHARE executives. According to nurse, Stephanie Ptacek, in order to help students get the products they need quickly and quietly, the packaging is done discreetly and given to students who come in asking for the items.

“We package the products so they don’t call attention to the students,” Ptacek said. “This makes sure they can take them home without feeling any shame or negative attention from their peers.” 

Although many people have not come in for these products yet, the school will continue to provide for students in need.

“East may be an affluent school, but that does mean that all the students are,” Ptacek said.

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