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Guide To The Skies: Stargazing in KC

Sure, you could join the gaggle of camera-wielding high schoolers at Louisburg Cider Mill or hit up your nearest pumpkin-spiced coffee joint to fulfill your autumn activities requirements. Or you could go star-gazing — it’s perfect for the fall weather and doesn’t leave an artificial pumpkin taste in your mouth. You aspiring astronomers are in luck, because there are some clear skies and perfect views forecasted in the coming weeks.



With the Sky Live App, you can find out about stargazing conditions, see time of sunset and sunrise and get reminded of upcoming celestial events happening with the Sky Live app. With a forecast of what will be above you at night, this is essentially a weather app for stargazers. The in-app purchase for full access to the app’s functions is well worth the 99 cents. Remember to turn on your location services for this one!


If Sky Live is Apple Weather for the night sky, Star Walk 2 is a stargazer’s Apple Maps. Just point your phone at the sky to see constellations — the map is detailed down to stars that you can’t see with the naked eye. It’s perfect for backyard stargazing, plus it’s free to download.



  • Take a red-lensed flashlight (this one is only $8.99!)
  • Grab a pair of cheap binoculars instead of an expensive (and difficult to use) telescope
  • Turn location notifications on and use this star chart to enhance the experience
  • Check out the light pollution of areas near you (the lower, the better)
  • Go during a new moon, waxing crescent or waning crescent moon phase for the best view of the stars

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