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Getting Down with Uptown KC: Chez Elle

For those craving the best crepes in the city, just look towards the red umbrellas parked outside of Summit Street. Chez Elle is one of the most well-known creperies in Kansas City and it is pretty clear as to why. Here’s a definitive top three of everything served at Chez Elle.img_5359


#3 Le Jardin

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the calorie-packed crepes, Le Jardin is your best bet. Its name translates to “The Garden” and from the Spinach, artichokes, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, Provolone cheese and crème fraiche bursting out of it, the name is well fulfilled.

#2 Le Franco

Packing in a sweet and savory twist, Le Franco is perfect for those craving something completely different. The crepe is full of brie, fig compote and spiced green apple slices.

#1 Legume

A personal favorite of mine, the legume is savory and resembles the flavors of homestyle-cooking. The Caramelized onions, spinach, tomato, mushrooms and crème fraiche within the crepe make it taste perfect for fall.


#3 Mon Cheri Amour

Probably the most worthy of an Instagram, this crepe is artfully wrapped around a generous (and perrrrrfect)  scoop of ice cream. Its topped off with a cherry on top and I don’t think a dream crepe would end any other way.

#2 Patriote

If you are feeling patriotic, there is a crepe just for you. From the strawberries, banana and blueberries to the crème Anglaise drizzled on top, the patriote proves that the American dream is all too real.

#1 Le Citron

Le citron brings a tropical twist to KC. The lemon cream it is filled with pairs perfectly with the strawberry sauce that zigzags across the crepe.

The Coffee Bar:

#3 French Press

For the true coffee fanatics, if you are looking for the purest coffee in the city – here it is. The rich, caffeine-packed cups I have poured while sitting on the dark blue couch in Chez Elle are all due to the swoon-inducing French Press they serve.

#2 Vanilla Steamer

If coffee isn’t your top pick, the vanilla steamer is a marshmellow-y dream. From the sweet, frothy bubbles to the vanilla flavor, it truly is near impossible to find someone who is not a fan of this mug full of happiness.img_4216

#1 Latte

My all-time go-to, the latte at Chez Elle is never a disappointment. From freezing trips to the crepery in December or weekend walks up to it in the summer, my visit is always made worthwhile due to the latte that is so well awaited. For a latte built by God himself, head down to Summit Street ASAP.

Between the most intricately folded crepes and perfectly poured latte art, Chez Elle is not one to disappoint. So take it from me, a week without crepes is a week wasted.

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