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Game Replay, KSHSAA Boys Soccer Playoffs Round 2: Lancers take down BVNW 3-2 in OT

Watch our recorded live coverage of Round 2 of the KSHSAA Soccer Playoffs from Thursday. The game went into Overtime with “golden goal” rules, meaning the first team to score a goal wins, and was one of the most memorable finishes of the year, according to several members of the team.

Anchors: Lucia Barraza and Maggie Schutt. 

Production: Craig Burnett Productions, Alex Dinyer, Sophie Henschel, Caroline Chisholm, Ally Talge, Emma Brown and Noelle Griffin.


SME: 3


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*cover photo by Noelle Griffin. 

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Ben Henschel

Ben Henschel
Senior Ben Henschel is entering his second year on Harbinger, this time as co-Editor-in-Chief, co-Broadcast Editor, lead anchor, a copy editor and member of the Editorial Board. Big politics and sports. Tons of playlists and pet peeves. Leader of Students Demand Action club, Young Democrats Club (but is a moderate, left-leaning), plays tennis, involved in SHARE, DECA, Choraliers and SME Youth & Gov. Owns a lawn mowing business. Loves to argue and can’t stand to settle. KU and Maryland ... »

Alex Dinyer

Alex Dinyer
Senior Alex Dinyer is entering is second semester on Harbinger as Head Broadcast Editor, and Multimedia Staff. Outside of Harbinger you can catch Alex pounding drives for SME golf, singing in choir and competing in DECA events and bumping Still Woozy wherever he is at. »

Lucia Barraza

Lucia Barraza
Senior Lucia Barraza is excited for her fourth year on staff as a Copy Editor and Head Broadcast Editor. If she’s not on deadline you can find her jamming out to Chinese rap at Chinese Club meetings, working at the Learning Tree toy store, dancing, playing soccer, or driving around town blasting crazy music. She is looking forward to making some awesome memories during her final year on staff and at East. »

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