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Knee Hockey Club Starts Their Third Season

Stapled to the bulletin board, standing out among the football and Freelancer posters, is a poster with two seniors posing, brandishing mini hockey sticks in a cloud of smoke. It reads, ‘It’s back. Nov 12. The World’s Only Knee Hockey Club.’

“So right here, we have me and fantastic player Max Keeter, who is coming this year, and I’m just trying to feature a lot of different people,” senior and club founder Akshay Dinakar said as he described the poster. “I tried to show the classiness and awesomeness of our [club].”

Posters like this line the school’s bulletin boards to announce the start of Knee Hockey club’s third season. Knee Hockey Club was created two years ago. Each meeting, members play games of miniature hockey on their knees, spanning from the hallway to the classrooms on the fifth floor.

It’ll be a third season that will be the last season for many of the inaugural players who helped found the club, including Dinakar himself. To make his senior year perfect, Dinakar has been planning, and planning a lot.

“We’ve been planning and looking forward to it for, ever since almost summer I want to say,” Dinakar said. “We’ve had a couple executive meetings, we’ve done a couple photo shoots that we had to do to make our hilarious, popular posters that are all around the school right now.”

The club started as These plans expand beyond the club’s new mass media campaign, ranging from an end of the year tournament to weekly featured players. They’re even adding a personal touch to their tee shirts this year.

“Everyone can have their own nickname on the back [of their shirt], which I think will just create a hilarious sense of camaraderie in the club.” Dinakar said.

The club’s advertising campaign is working, according to Dinakar, who says he’s had a few freshman come up to him and talk to him about the club.

One of those freshmen who has talked to Dinakar is Quinn Derusseau.

“I think it’ll be fun,” Derusseau said. “And I’d rather do something that could be potentially fun, than go home and do homework and stuff that’s probably not enjoyable at all.”

Derusseau believes that the advertising campaign has worked on him. He, admittedly says he doesn’t know much about the club itself, but he for sure knows when the club starts: Nov. 12.

*Posters courtesy of SME Knee Hockey

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