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Eastipedia: Freelancer

Multimedia by Ali Lee and Liddy Stallard.

“The Freelancer”, East’s literary magazine, is released at the end of every school year. The staff meets every Thursday from 3- 4 p.m.; anyone is allowed to join. However, non-staff members can submit personal work to “The Freelancer”. Submissions are accepted through the publication’s email, Seniors Greta Miller, Meredith Finley and Yashi Wang are the editors this year.

“The Freelancer” accepts submissions of all forms of media, such as poems, screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-51-39-amshort stories, photography, music etc.. Although, there is a higher standard for what this will look like this year; accepting only the best work that will properly display the quality of the magazine.  

“This year we’re really trying to heighten the quality of the magazine, so our main focus with submissions is on the artistic integrity of the works as far as medium or form goes,” Miller said. “We hope to get a good mix of everything from poetry to photography, which we get most of, to things like 3D visual arts and musical compositions, which not a lot of people send in.”

After a successful publication last year, the staff has a larger budget which they hope will allow the publication to beat last year’s success. However, they will also fundraise at the Chipotle in Prairie Village.  The staff has already seen a larger turnout this year than in past years, which will help to expand the audience of  “The Freelancer”. Despite this larger presence, there are still many East students who don’t know exactly what “The Freelancer” is, so to broaden the audience there will be blurbs about joining the staff featured in the daily announcements and the staff also have hopes to make a feature in pep assemblies.

“That way we can reach the whole student body at once, and at least find a couple of people who are interested who didn’t know about “The Freelancer” before,” Miller said.

This year the staff is also hoping to submit the end product into national competition (undecided which one), with intentions to enhance the prestige of the magazine so that it will be that much stronger in years to come.

“Last year was our biggest magazine in it’s history and from what I’ve seen this year so far, were already on the right track,” Finley said.

Through the years “The Freelancer” has only gotten better, and the Editors predict this year will meet their high expectations for the literary magazine to stay upward and growing.

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