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It’s fourth hour, you’re sitting in class trying to think of the best April Fools prank before the day is over. Don’t worry, the Harbinger has you covered! Indulge in the stories of past pranks, from sticky notes on a car to tape in the doorway. Let inspiration strike as you read the wicked stories of your classmates and teachers. Let us help you get in touch with your inner prankster.


Teacher Trap

Sophomore twins Lucy and Zoe Hartman pulled a Parent Trap on their eighth-grade teachers. “We switched classes for April Fool’s day, and we wore the same clothes. We both wore our hair up because my hair was longer than her hair at the time, and I don’t think any of our teachers really noticed. But like, we went through the day and we actually had a math test that day. We didn’t take it for each other, we just put our own names on the test and [our math teacher] just thought he mixed them up for some reason. None of our teachers really noticed, but a lot of our friends did, and you could hear everyone laughing about it. We also switched backpacks to look more alike.”


Sticky Sudan

Sophomore Kennedy Kauffman got her mom into a ‘sticky’ situation on April Fools last year. “[My mom] had to go to work the next day, and I thought it would be funny if I covered her car in sticky notes. I bought a giant pack and I wrote ‘April Fools’ on the sticky notes. It probably [took] 2 hours. She was mad. She actually drove to work with like half of them on and they were just like flying around the car.”


Tacky Tape

Senior Tom Joyce sealed the perfect prank for his little brother. “It was April Fools about eight years ago and I just put a bunch of Scotch tape on the doorway between the hallway and the kitchen. I can’t remember what I said to my brother but I said something, and he just came charging down the hallway and ran right into the tape and fell over. It was pretty funny.”


A Rude Awakening

Gullible Gina Halksworth was tricked by her dad consistently on April Fools. “When I was young, I lived out in the country 8 miles [away from school]. We always rode the bus and my dad would wake us up, [and] because he was a farmer, he would wake us up early all the time.”

“It was probably four or five o’clock in the morning and this happened multiple years. He would skip a year so we would forget it. But he would come down and say, ‘The bus is coming.’ You could see the bus when it was at the neighbor’s which gave us about two minutes to get our stuff together. He did that so many times on April Fools Day that I hate April Fools. But he would stand at the top of the stairs and we would get all the way dressed, get all of our stuff get to the stairs and realize it was 5 o’clock in the morning, and he just laughed and laughed.”


Kitchen Chaos

Senior Dane Erickson channels Marie Kondo by reorganizing his family kitchen – without them knowing. “A couple of years ago I reorganized the entire kitchen. I took out all the pots and pans and plates, spoons, food, utensils, and everything and I put them in a totally different cabinet, Then my parents came down that morning and had no idea where anything was, and they didn’t want to do it all over again cause it takes forever to reorganize. Then finally like a day later they just said screw it and they reorganized the whole thing again. So that was really funny because they just couldn’t find anything all day. It took me probably like an hour and a half or two hours to do.”


Pranks to Pull

Need more ideas? Here are some extra pranks that you can do right now at school before the day is over.


Classic Switcheroo

Class can get boring with notes on rational exponents and quadratics. So to liven it up, pull a ~harmless~ prank on your teacher. Every time the teacher turns their back, switch seats with your fellow classmates. Continue until the teacher notices. Get everyone in on it to make it more fun!


Craig’s Calling

Friend getting on your nerves? Maybe mess around with them by placing their number on a Craigslist ad pretending to sell something. Sit back, relax and watch as their phone blows up with random calls about purchasing an item. Make sure they have T-Mobile’s unlimited minutes plan!


Honking Hoax

All you need to pull this next one off is a pen, paper and scotch tape. Write and place a ‘honk’ sign on your friend’s car without them knowing and wait for them to get road rage. Make sure the words are big enough to be seen by passing cars.


Forgive my Phone

If your friend trusts you enough to be alone with their phone, change the autocorrect in their phone so every time they type ‘no’ it turns to ‘yes’  other phrases that will annoy them work too. Or, even better, change around their contact names and watch them send texts to the wrong people. Who knows, maybe they will accidentally send something to their mom meant for their S/O.





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