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Flooding Forces Construction Outside Auditorium

Erosion issues are polluting the East grounds, with issues occurring in the senior, junior and front areas. Janitor Jeff Gillenwater claims that all the construction going on around the school, is due to huge amounts of erosion.

“Every time we get a few inches of rain in a short period of time, the mud rushes down the hill into the auditorium doors,” Gillenwater said.

Gillenwater believes the dirt path that the students have made by the main office entrance is the cause of this erosion.

“There isn’t any grass to prevent the mud from flowing down the hill, so we will be adding a sidewalk where the path used to be,” Gillenwater said.

There will also be a new eight-inch trough in front of the auditorium doors to keep water from building up. Gillenwater believes the project costed somewhere around $100,000.

“It costed a lot, but we had a serious problem that needed to be fixed,” Gillenwater said.

Erosion may be a serious problem for the school, but this new construction causes an inconvenience for many students.

“Every time I was running late last year, I would cut through on the dirt path, it would shave a solid 10 seconds,” junior Andy Spencer said.

Now there are tape lines preventing students from walking through that area, making it tougher for students who arrive right around 7:40. Spencer hopes that the construction will be over soon.

Gillenwater said that the construction will be over in a few weeks, at which time students can enjoy a new sidewalk without flooding in the auditorium.

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