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Featured Performers: Forensics Duo Brena Levy and Kate Higgins

After participating and enjoying Forensics their freshman year, juniors Brena Levy and Kate Higgins made the decision to compete as a duo in Forensics. Since then, they have competed as a team and have qualified for two national tournaments, including nationals in Salt Lake City this year.

1. When you started Forensics, did you go into it thinking you would participate all of high school?

Brena Levy: My older sister did Forensics, so freshman year I decided I would do it. Freshman year was a bumpy start because I didn’t really know what I liked to do in it, so I didn’t have as much success. Then when Kate and I decided at the end of our freshman year that we wanted to do a duo together, I got more competitive.

2. What is the preparation process to get ready to compete?DSC_2356

Kate Higgins: Our teacher, Mr. Witt orders a lot of books and scripts for everyone to look at during the beginning of the year. We will go through them and look for a humorous, feel-good piece. Usually they have a fun plot and the main character who has to overcome some sort of conflict. This year we are competing with a piece called “Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (Somewhat) Happy Ending,” about Hillary Clinton. It is very satirical and really fun.

3. How do you deal with the nerves of performing?

BL: It is kind of nerve racking at first because you don’t perform with any props, so your first time you are just hoping you don’t look like an idiot, but you get used to it.

KH: I drink a lot of water so that my throat doesn’t get dry, and I tell myself mentally to calm down. We’ve done this so many times that during the rounds I don’t feel nervous but if we break to finals or are competing at an important tournament like state or NSDA, I get nervous.

4. Are you excited for nationals this year?

KH: We went last year, and it was so much fun and we met so many cool people. This year we qualified for the more competitive national tournament which we didn’t qualify for last year. More teams are at that qualifying tournament we went to. We placed first there, so that was awesome.  

5. What has been your favorite part of Forensics?

BL: It is awesome that we both also do individual events and when we talk afterwards we both have said that we almost feel naked on stage without our partner. We have seen each other at our high with emotions, and we have also seen each other so upset about things. That is pretty cool in my opinion because even your best friends you haven’t seen completely amped up and that is a great experience that we can have together.

6. How has forensics affected your high school experience?

KH: It has been a really amazing experience. I have met so many awesome people that aren’t in my grade. It has just been a great way to intermingle with other classes and going to Nationals has been such an amazing experience. I would consider it the highlight of my high school career.


1. How have you seen Brena and Kate improve since their freshman year?

Trey Witt: Their work ethic and drive to be successful has definitely increased each year they have competed in forensics. They are also probably the most coachable competitors we have.

2. What do you think people benefit from by participating in Forensics?

TW: I think there are so many benefits to participating in forensics that it’s hard to narrow it down to one. Confidence and communication skills are probably the two most important benefits.

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