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Featured Artist: Sarah Cook

What kind of things do you draw?
I draw a lot of things that I think are funny, from like movies and stuff. Like, nine times out of 10, that’s what it is. [I draw] things I find funny or things I like. Architecture and a lot of vintage, retro ’70s, ’80s, ’60s things.

Why do you draw things on your arms?
When you’re in class and you’re drawing on paper, you always are kind of like ‘oh the teacher can take the paper away, [but] they can’t take my arm away,’ so you just start drawing on your arm. Also if you have a drawing, you can’t walk around and say look at this drawing I did without people being like, wow she’s a jerk. But if you have something on your arm, it’s like subtly there. It’s out there, but not out there.

What kind of things do you draw on yourself?
[I draw] a lot of patterns. I drew some juice boxes on my arm one time. You know, real like gang tattoos and stuff.

Why do you draw fake injuries and wounds on yourself?
There’s just something kind of fun about scaring people and then being like ‘ha-ha, it’s not real.’ That’s my dream job; to be a special effects artist. Total dream job would be working for Marvel Studios. That would be great.

What inspires you to draw?
I guess the concept of making something that’s aesthetically nice, so I’m always really determined to keep working on something until it reaches that point where you’re satisfied with it.

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