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Fashion Club Makes Dresses From Recycled Materials

Students in Fashion Merchandising class were given a project in which they were required to create a dress made out of recycled materials. The dresses have been displayed for the past few weeks on the 4th floor between the nurse’s office and the Counseling Center. Here’s a look at some of the Fashion Merchandising dresses.


Junior Fannie Berlau:

Berlau constructed her dress out of bags from the clothing store Free People. The dress has a halter neckline and an open stomach, and then continues into a long skirt. Berlau says the process of making it went quick, and she did not spend a lot of time planning, but instead just jumped in.

“My favorite part of the dress is definitely the fabric I used,” Berlau said.


Juniors Mac Larkin and Chase Hubler:

Larkin and Hubler’s floor-length dress was made out of recycled materials, with lace accented around the stomach. It has an open back and a draped blouse.

“We didn’t have an idea when we first started,” Larkin said. “We were just draping the fabric on and it kind of just came out in the end.”


Senior Sarah Berger:

Berger’s dress was made out of used Diet Coke cans. She said she struggled with the process of constructing it and had to restart a few times, because her cans would not stay on the mannequin. Berger’s favorite part of the project was getting to use out of the box materials, and channeling her creativity.

“My dress is sleeveless,” Berger said. “It has a solid bodice, made out of the solid part of Diet Coke cans, and the the skirt part is made out of the circular bottoms of the cans.”


Senior Georgia Dubois:

Dubois designed her dress out of cigarette packs and matches. It had a sweetheart neckline, and the skirt had a fringe made out of the silver of the cigarette packs.

“It wasn’t too hard to use the cigarette packs,” Dubois said. “What was really hard was individually gluing the matches to the bodice and fitting it around the mannequin.”

Dubois’ favorite part of the project was seeing all of her little parts of the project come together at the end.



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