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Eastipedia: PTSA

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) is an organization that is responsible for planning extracurricular activities and events, such as the College Clinic, the After Graduation Party, and the Teacher Appreciation Meal. These events are made to help benefit the students and the school.

At noon on the third Thursday of every month, a panel of parents, Principal John McKinney and six student representatives sit in the office conference room to discuss the programs like the Finals Celebration and Career Connection and their progress in terms of planning. They review past events to see if there was a positive response, large attendance and if they want to revive the event in the future.

The Student representatives serve as the voice of the student body. They receive input from their peers about previous events, then tell the other board members at the meetings. The student representatives also listen to new ideas parents come up with and give their thoughts on them.

“We tell a review of how things go from a student perspective and talk about ideas and improvements that the students want to see instead of the parents and administration,” junior representative Elsa Jane Posten said.

In the past few years the PTSA has not had a teacher representative because their planning schedule doesn’t coincide with the time of the meetings, but Dr. McKinney has served as the voice of the teachers. However, the teachers are still very much involved.

The teachers can request the PTSA to fund something under $1,000 that the teacher’s don’t have in their budget. The PTSA evaluates the teacher’s request to see how it will impact the students and school, then decide if it is beneficial to support it. For example, the PTSA supported a teacher’s request for money for postage and letterheads so she that could individually write each of her students a note over holiday break.

The PTSA is responsible for planning about 13 events and activities each year. The committee is able to fund these events through the community’s support. Families show their support by signing up for $35 memberships, attending meetings, and volunteering. The memberships allow students to apply for a spot on the executive board and be eligible for a senior scholarship. Also, teachers must be members to request a grant, but anyone can show support by attending meetings and going the programs.

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