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Eastipedia: Frequent Fridays

While walking towards the office on a Friday afternoon, many times you’ll see a line of kids almost out the door. They are waiting to watch a Frequent Friday performance put on by their fellow classmates.

Frequent Fridays happen about once to twice a month. They are directed by the students in Advance Repertory Theatre, and allow for anyone who wants to try out to do so.

“The best part was getting to know each of my cast members and watch them bring the show to life,” said Olivia West.

The shows start at 3 p.m. and are performed in the Little Theatre. The performances last under an hour and the date of any upcoming shows are included in the daily announcements.

“The best thing about Frequent Fridays is the cast,” senior Malcolm Gibbs said. “I’m going into directing as a career, so i welcomed any chance to direct, but i loved working with my cast and getting to see the final product.”

These one-act plays are a way to go be involved in school activities or to watch the hard work of the students at East. The directors are given a couple weeks to cast and put together their Frequent Friday. This gives the students a quick turn-around.

“For my show, it was harder than others because spring break fell before the week of my show, but in the end it all worked out very well” West said.

Although the majority of the shows are over for this school year its not too late to catch a couple more. The remaining shows are Mindstuck, directed by Charlotee Nodarse on Apr. 4 as well as God, directed by Georgia Dubois with the date yet to be determined.

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