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Eastipedia: Brett Kramer

Photo by Ellen Swanson

Psychology teacher Brett Kramer has been calling East his home ever since he saw the job opening two years ago. Before coming to East, Kramer worked at Junction City High School for six years and spent another at Topeka High School.

“When I saw an all-psychology job posted at the best high school in Kansas, even if it was half time, which is what I’ve done for my two years at East, I had to at least apply,” Kramer said.

Kramer said he never had any intention of taking the part-time job. That was, until he spoke to the athletic director at Shawnee Mission South, who he had come in contact with from a family in Topeka.

After hearing back from my favorite Topeka High family, it was a done deal,” Kramer said. “We’re supposed to be heated rivals with SMS, but their [athletic director] had high praise for SME, and that was all I needed to hear.”

This year, Kramer teaches IB Psychology as a half-time teacher, but will be teaching full time both IB and AP Psychology next year. While a part time position isn’t as beneficial as a full time one, he doesn’t care. He’s in it for the kids – not himself.

“Some days I fall victim to just enjoying the heck out of interaction with fun, funny, smart, young adults,” Kramer said. “They’re a blast and they make me love coming back every day.”

Kramer’s students seem him not only a teacher, but a friend. Junior Grace Apodaca has Kramer as a teacher and loves being around him.

“He’s really easy to talk to and he gets to know all his students,” Apodaca said. “You can tell he cares about all his students, plus he’s hilarious to listen to.

Kramer has made a home at East and has loved every bit. Yet, he is still hoping to become an administrator someday.

“I have a masters in Educational Administration, and at some point I’d like to try to take on the challenge of being an athletic director, assistant principal, principal, etc.,” Kramer said. “But for now, I’m pretty happy teaching at the best high school in Kansas.”

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