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KC Concerts to watch for — Fall 2019

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Now that summer has passed and our mindset has changed from getting a nice tan to getting an english paper or history worksheet turned in on time, you probably want something to look forward to. Luckily, the concert line-up this fall is good enough for you to spend that well-deserved summer paycheck without much of a thought. Here’s a look at which artists will be making a pit stop in KC:

The Black Keys:

The Black Keys “Let’s Rock” Tour is coming to the Sprint Center on Sept. 14 after the band’s five year break. This rock band has been together since their childhood. Earlier this year, they came out with new songs like, “Lo/Hi”, which was their first single to reach number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. While this band’s songs are mostly rock music, it’s still the kind of music you can listen and sing along to while driving around in your car.

The Jonas Brothers:

The Jonas Brothers are performing at the Sprint Center on Sept. 22. I think we can all agree that the trio being reunited is a great thing I mean who doesn’t miss their brotherly dynamic and seeing them on our TV screens? They began their world tour on Aug. 7. in Miami, just two months after releasing their comeback album, “Happiness Begins”. The openers are Bebe Rexha, most well known for her song, “Meant to Be,” and Jordan McGraw for his song, “Too Good”.

Besides playing songs from their new album, the brothers will definitely throw it back to their “Burnin Up” and “SOS” days. If you’re secretly wishing the Jonas family would adopt you — and you’re willing to bring out your 2009 self for the night then this is the concert for you. 


Chance the Rapper:

Chance the Rapper is performing on Sept. 26. This concert is sure to get you pumped up and up on your feet. It’s the kind of music that makes you get out of your seat and dance along to. He is loved by most people, not only for his amazing hip-hop and rap music, but also because he is a relatable and down to earth kind of guy. He will most likely play his songs from his most recent album, “The Big Day,” which is a tribute to his wife and his first full-length album. For an out-of-your-seat concert like this, be sure to wear some type of sneakers — you gotta be prepared for that kind of hype.


Tyler, the Creator:

On Oct. 5, Tyler, the Creator will be performing in Independence, MO. His most recent album, “IGOR”, was released on May 17th that included hit songs like “EARFQUAKE” and “I THINK”. This funk style album was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year — and rightly so. Rising to number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, this album proves he’s worth the hype and can totally rock a pink wig.


Forget your schoolwork for the night, cash in that summer lifeguarding money and grab a concert buddy for any one of these musical nights.


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