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Coalition Holds Fundraising Competition

At the beginning of this year, the Coalition leaders realized they had a problem. The attendance for the weekly Coalition meetings tripled from 20 to 60 members. Realizing the large group would be too hard to manage together, the Coalition leaders split the members into three sections, each under the leadership of two leaders.

The execs challenged each of the three sections to see who can raise the most money. The money raised will be donated to Sao Sary, a small foundation in Cambodia. Carolyn Wassmer, a Coalition exec, went on a mission trip to Cambodia over the summer with the Sao Sary organization, making her Coalition’s main connection.

“They help build wells, they help educate young kids, they help rebuild and reconstruct schools” Exec Noah Marsh said. “Since one of our members is so closely related to them, we feel we can really trust them.”

The competition started September 18th. The three groups are supposed to come up with their own ideas how to raise money. So far, execs Marsh and Daniel Renner have done a lemonade stand for their group and have upcoming fundraising plans. The groups’ incentive for raising the most money is a pizza party.

The deadline for the groups’ projects is homecoming weekend, when they will host Coalition’s annual bake sale.

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