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Although I love food at all hours of the day, breakfast is by far my favorite meal due to the variety of options you have.  You could eat anything from donuts to omelets.  I mean, what better way is there to start your day than with a yummy breakfast?  So, I set out to find my personal favorite breakfast restaurants all throughout KC.  


The funny face double chocolate chip pancake from IHOP gets me everytime.  The chocolate chips are perfectly embedded into the pancake’s chocolate batter, so that when you bite into it, those chocolate chips gush heavenly goodness. If you are ever feeling in a mood for a high quality pancake, at any time of the day, IHOP is your place.   Also, who doesn’t love a pancake with a smiley face made out of whipped cream and cherries?  Don’t get me wrong, I have a super strong love for chocolate, but with this double chocolate chip pancake that is bigger than my face, I felt like I had a stomach ache from being so full after devouring it.  Alongside your pancake, you can get anything from hashbrowns to bacon.  IHOP’s bacon has proven to maintain just the right amount of crispness, while also having that greasy/salty kick that makes bacon worthwhile.  IHOP is a classic that has been around for ages.  Whatever type of food you are feeling, whether it be crepes or onion rings, IHOP has got your back, for a reasonable price.  

Chez Elle

If you have a desire to escape to Paris, but school and money are holding you back, Chez Elle is the closest you will come to a street-side Parisian bistro.  Chez Elle is a cute, authentic crêpe restaurant tucked away in Westside. Chez Elle has over 40 different assortments of crêpes for anywhere from $8-10.  My personal favorite crêpe is the “Patriote,” which consists of strawberries and bananas, and is stuffed with creme anglaise, with a layer of whipped cream on the top.  The creme anglaise, which is like a vanilla custard, and whip cream on top of the fruit is the best way to help satisfy my sweet tooth.  After eating the Patriote, you don’t feel overly stuffed, which sets it apart from the “au chocolat,” which will fill you up instantly.  But, if you want something on the more savory side, I’d say the “Chez Elle” is the best.  The chicken, diced tomatoes, mushrooms and mozzarella combination is one that is hard to beat, especially when inside of a crêpe.  The presentation of all the crêpes are perfect – they either dress up the crêpes with powder sugar, or a dollop of whip cream.  Personally, I feel that Chez Elle has lived up to the authentic hype that surrounds it.

t. Loft

If you are looking for something along the healthier lines, head towards t.Loft. is a gluten-free store that has everything from juices to quinoa power bowls.  The cute chandeliers on the ceilings and fun shaggy rugs on the floor provides t.Loft a fun, modern atmosphere.  If you are looking for something to get you going and make you feel refreshed in the morning, I’d say start with the “Mean and Clean” juice that has orange, ginger, carrot, apple and lemon in it.  To go with it, get the “Banana Cocoa Quinoa,” that has quinoa on the bottom, with cashews, chocolate chips and bananas on top, and a layer of honey over the top.  Although I was hesitant at first due to the different combination of ingredients, the banana, cashew and chocolate chip mixture went really well together.  Together, the juice and breakfast bowl will leave you feeling full and ready to take on the day.

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