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Boys’ Tennis Districts: Q&A with Reese Goulding

The boys’ tennis team has the Varsity District Tournament coming up this Saturday, April 17. The tournament is between the five Shawnee Mission high schools for all boys Varsity tennis players. Different parts of the tournament will take place at the five high schools. East hosts the numbers 1 and 2 singles players at 12 p.m. The Harbinger interviewed senior Reese Goulding, varsity tennis player.

How does East usually do in Districts?

We always win. It’s usually the Blue Valley schools that are our main competition. Since they’re not in our tournament, it’s never that hard to win.

How do you expect East to do this year?

We have a pretty easy regional this year, which gets us to state if you do well enough. We don’t have either Blue Valley schools in our regional this year, so we should qualify our whole team for state, which gives us maximum points once we get there.

Who are the East players expected to do well?

The top six are myself, Jack Santili, Billy Louiselle, Elliot Renft and probably Matt Schuttes.

Is there anything different about this year’s district than past years?

Other than the players kind of got switched around since we changed doubles teams and singles from last year, it will be about the same.

Have you played in District’s in past years? How did you do?

Yes, I’ve played all three years. I’m a senior, so I’ve played freshman, sophomore and junior. I won all three years. I’m actually not playing this year, because I’m injured right now, but I’ll be back by the end of the season. Everyone else will win.

Does this district tournament help you decide who’s going to state?

It kind of solidifies who’s going to be in the top 6, so who’s going to compete for places at regionals to get into state. It kind of gives us a precursor of who’s going to be playing what and how we are going to do.

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