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Bloom Baking Company & Scratch Bakery KC Review

Photo by Aislinn Menke 

I’m all for ooey, gooey baked goods. Competing on the TV show “Kids Baking Championship” is number two on my bucket list, and when “Cupcake Wars” was taken off of Netflix, I didn’t touch my oven for days. My green chevron apron, with my name embroidered at the top, is stained by the countless flour spills I’ve endured while baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Hoping to move past failed attempts — and gain some much needed inspiration — to emulate the Food Network’s cinnamon roll recipe and Dolce’s blueberry scones, I decided to test out Bloom Baking Company and Scratch Bakery. 

Bloom Baking Company  

I was expecting the usual gumdrop fairyland or your typical lace apron-wearing grandma associated with bakeries. Located in the City Market, Bloom Baking Company’s high ceilings, exposed brick and massive ‘B’ symbol surrounded by white string lights drew me in with its industrial look.

The bakery case displayed colossal cinnamon rolls, fruit tarts and cheese danishes. Macaroons ranging in color from lavender to green and an array of cupcakes sat in a separate case. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I opted for the french apple tart. Before I reached the cash register, a chocolate croissant caught my eye and I added it to my order.

Fruit pastries aren’t my favorite — I prefer chocolate — but the apple tart had me thinking otherwise. The flower-petal-like arrangement of the apple slices, coated in a cinnamon glaze, sat atop a shortbread crust. Before my friend had a chance to take a Snapchat-worthy pic of the dessert, I dug in. The crisp apple juice, sugary coating and crunch of the shortbread was heaven in my mouth. The shortbread acted as a sponge for excess sugar, and balanced sweet and savory perfectly.

The chocolate croissant took up half of the plate. After taking a bite, I second guessed my order — had I been given a plain? I was not tasting any chocolate. But once I reached the middle and got a bite of the dark chocolate, it softened in my mouth. The flaky croissant resembled cotton candy when pulled apart. However, the fact that I had to  search for the chocolate made me wish I had just stuck with the tart.

The delectable apple tart made up for the dull chocolate croissant. I was okay with the $12 price tag for the two items because of their large size — and my mom was paying. For those who don’t have a strong sweet tooth, Bloom offers savory quiches and sandwiches as well. On the way out, I snagged one of their catering forms in hopes they deliver apple tarts.  

Scratch Bakery KC 

“Hungry? We can help.”

How welcoming!

Tucked between two large buildings in downtown Kansas City is Scratch Bakery KC. The interior has high ceilings and worn down brick walls that reminded me of Harry Potter’s entrance to Diagon Alley.

In addition to the charming atmosphere, their baked good selection was right up my alley. Croissants, snickerdoodles and humongous cinnamon rolls called my name from behind the display glass. I finally settled on a pumpkin spice poptart and cinnamon chip scone.

The pumpkin pop tart had me thinking name brand Pop-Tarts should be banned from existence. The creamy pumpkin frosting combined well with the flaky exterior. Cinnamon and pumpkin flavoring filled my mouth, and I liked that the pop tart was homemade. Nothing tasted artificial. For those who don’t appreciate all things pumpkin, Scratch offers strawberry and wild berry pop tarts as well.

The cinnamon chip scone lived up to my high expectations after tasting the pop tart. A blast of cinnamon overpowered my mouth. Mixed with the sweet vanilla frosting on top, the two balanced each other out. The outside of the scone was crumbly while the center was soft and packed with cinnamon flavor.

Generally, I would think that a bakery would be busy around Thanksgiving. But the only other bakery goers were a couple and lone man working on a laptop. The lack of people made my time there more enjoyable; I was able to snack in peace.

The reasonable prices were a relief considering I survive on a babysitter’s salary. My two treats set me back a total of $7. Besides baked goods, Scratch’s menu offers an array of breakfast burritos, bowls and quiches. Lunch ranges from roast beef sandwiches to apple pecan salads and other light options.  

But I know for sure that when I need a sweet treat, Scratch Bakery can help.

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