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Athlete of the Week: Ryan Bolin

photo by Julia Percy.


A Q&A with varsity football quarterback, senior Ryan Bolin. 


How long have you been playing football?

 I’ve been playing football since I was six — kindergarten flag football. 


What has motivated you to play for so long?

I guess [because] it’s been fun, the sport itself is fun. But also the aspect of the relationships I’ve made and the teammates I’ve met, and the team sport aspect of it is important to me. 


What is your pregame routine?

I don’t have one because I feel like by having a pregame ritual, if there’s anything that could mess it up then you go into the game thinking that something can go wrong, so I’ve never had one just in case of that. 


Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions?

No I just head into every game like it’s a whole new deal and the way I prepare mentally is usually the same. But no superstitions or anything.


If you could play any other sport besides football what would it be and why?

Probably basketball. I’m not very good at it but I love basketball, it’s fun.


If you could play any other position besides quarterback what would it be and why?

Probably wide receiver, realistically, I kind of have the height, the speed. 


As quarterback, how do you motivate the team?

Positivity. Definitely reminding everyone, we’re good, keep going. Positive reminders, and not trying to get on everyone’s case all the time, and just reminding them of their importance to the team, and that whether you play a lot or don’t everyone’s important to the team, it’s a team goal. 


What songs are on your pregame playlist?

[For] pregame I got some Eminem on there, and I’ve got a lot of Young Dolph and Key Glock.


Who’s the funniest person on the team?

I would say Tony. [Senior] Tony Friends is pretty funny. Him or [senior] Joe Krouse are [funny] but in very different ways.


What’s your most prized possession?

I’m not a super materialistic person. But I have a signed baseball from Pete Rose, so that’s pretty cool. 


What’s your favorite football memory?

Probably sophomore year, Rockhurst game, that was a lot of fun. We lost, but it was a really close game and we had a lot of touchdowns. It was a high scoring game so it was a lot of fun. 


What are your goals for your senior year for both football and life?

In general, just to enjoy it, enjoy the time. You know everyone kind of skips ahead to college. You got to enjoy your last year, so just having fun there, trying new things. And then football, you know winning. But winning isn’t everything, developing more as a leader, as a player and just having fun out on the football field and giving it everything I have. 


See Bolin in action this Friday when the Lancers face off against the Shawnee Mission South Raiders. 

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