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Athlete of the Week: Dane Erickson

Photos by Katherine McGinness

Dane Erickson Q and A

Q: Where did your interest in wrestling begin?

A: I started [wrestling] in fourth grade because my dad and all his brothers were wrestlers, so he encouraged me to get going. I started with a kids club called Kansas City Wrestling Club. It practices here at East. I wrestled there through 8th grade and then joined the high school team.

Q: What has kept you interested in wrestling through the years?

A: I really enjoy it mostly because of the individual part of [wrestling] and the independence.  I played football too, but because I’m pretty small that wasn’t my big sport. In wrestling, because of the weight classes, size doesn’t really matter so I really like that part of it. If you lose, you have no one else to blame, but if you win it’s the greatest feeling ever because you know it was all you.

Q: Where do most of your points come from/ What do you attribute to most of your wins?

A: I usually score my takedowns with a move called a “low single” where you dive at their ankles. And once you’re on top, you can get points for turning them onto their back. I do this thing called a “leg ride” where I lace my leg in between theirs. I definitely score the most with my leg riding.

Q: What specific thing do you feel you need to work on to be ready for state?

A: It’s definitely overall confidence which is key for most of our teammates. A lot of people get timid or scared and don’t wrestle as well. As a team, we all need to make sure we go out there and continue to be aggressive, so we can win the matches that we should be winning.



Junior Dane Erickson (left) and Senior Justin Schoeman (right) watch and support a fellow wrestling teammate during a January varsity meet.

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