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Artist of the Week: Willa Ivancic

Willa Ivancic is a sophomore who found her passion in ceramics and photography.

Q: How did you get started?

A: “My sister did ceramics and I was like ‘that seems kinda cool.’ She would give her pieces to family members during Christmas so she didn’t have to pay for their present. I got really jealous and was like ‘I’m broke’ so that’s kinda how that started. My first semester [my art] was pretty bad and I kinda sucked so I decided to try second semester. I think I got a lot better. Now I’m a third semester, [three semesters] and up is advanced.”

Q: What is something you struggled with when first starting out?

A: “When I throw, a lot of the times I’ll make the bottoms too thick and then they’ll just explode. Bottoms are always hard on decorative pieces because they get really thick and they break off.”

Q: What has been your favorite art project so far?

A: “Well we just glazed a bunch of [our projects] and when you glaze you never know how it’s going to turn out. I used a highly reactive glaze so that one you really don’t know how it’s going to turn out to be. [The glazed projects] ended up being my favorite.”

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: “I never really know what I’m going to make once I start throwing. If I have a mindset on what I’m going to make or what I want to make before I throw it then it will break. So my inspiration would probably just be pictures or field trips with Fink to galleries.”

Q: What activities are you involved in here at East that encompasses your art?

A: “I do art club, creative co-lab and I’m co-president of photo-club. Third hour is [my] labaid [hour] with Fink and usually during that hour if he doesn’t need me I’ll come in here and throw. Then fourth hour is ceramics. Sixth hour is art portfolio – so ceramics. And seventh hour is jewelry but sometimes I sneak over [to ceramics].”

Q: Are there any projects you are looking forward to or new things you’d like to try?

A: “I have been trying to throw really big stuff to really expand my horizon because it’s hard to throw big without the bottom being really big. Other medium wise, I started in photography but it’s really difficult to shoot and then edit especially in a creative mindset. But when I’m [in ceramics] I already have the class so it’s easy.”

Q: How did you find your own artistic style that sets you apart from other artist?

A: “I’m still looking for that. I don’t know what I’m going to go into when I’m older. I’m hoping more street photography but right now I’m just getting a base for that.”

Q: Is there anything you would say to students at East who want to start trying art?

A: “I suggest you take intro to studio art your first semester and then your second semester you go right into whatever you feel most drawn to. If you are looking down [the art hallways] and you see drawings or sketches, ceramics or paintings [that you like], I think you should do that and try it. Try painting with Schnaks if you like it. If you see jewelry you like try that. Or if you see ceramics and think ‘that might be cool.’ Just don’t give up on it.”

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Maya Stratman

Maya Stratman is a Senior at Shawnee Mission East and a staff writer/copy editor on the Harbinger. After watching her older sister grow to find a notable place in the publication, it’s now Maya’s turn to try and do the same. If Maya isn’t at a deadline or interviewing a peer she is probably dancing, watching “Friends” or writing. This year she is looking forward to trying things on staff that she may have been too timid to undertake. »

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