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Artist of the Week: Alexa Adams

Photos by Taylor Keal

Multimedia by Kelly Murphy

What got you into art?

I saw really cool art for a video game I liked when I was in middle school and then I started, like, slowly building up how much I drew everyday. And now it’s a daily thing.


What is your favorite style of art to do?

I really like realism, like realism portraits, but I also have been getting into watercolor. It has it’s own style really.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw people that I really adore, so I draw my family and my favorite celebrities or friends.


What’s your favorite piece so far?

I’d say my portrait of Kellin Quinn, the realism one I did, was probably my favorite.


Do you have an artist inspiration?

I really like Vexx on youtube. I don’t necessarily copy his style but I really look up to him as an artist because he is such a unique one. And there’s an Instagram artist named Ashley Mary who does really good photo realism.


Do you share your art with lots of people or keep it to yourself?

It really depends. Some of the things I do, if I don’t like it to my full heart I don’t like sharing it with people, but if I’m proud of it I do like to share it.


I’ve heard you doodle a lot, where does that come from?

I don’t really know. If I can’t focus, doing something with my hands helps. So doodling in class I actually focus a lot better.


Do you do more art in or out of school?

I do a lot in school, just because of classes, but then then more intricate pieces I do at home. I doodle the most in Spanish because that’s more of an auditory class, and art class. I’m in painting, and I finish early in class so I work a lot on them then.


Where there any things you struggled with when first starting your art?

Oh big time, I’m still struggling with hands. But also proportions are really hard. That’s why I really like using photo references is to get my proportions as perfect as possible.


Is there anything or type of art you’d really like to try?

Yeah I really think sculpture is cool, and I’ve dabbled a little bit in water color but I’d like to go more into that.


What are you working on currently?

Right now, I started Inktober but I never finished. So right now I’ve just been practicing with ink and pen.


What’s Inktober?

Inktober is a social media kind of challenge where everyday you make a drawing completely in ink. And it’s based on the prompts that are given to you, but I kind of got to day four and realized I was spending too much time on each piece.


Do you plan on pursuing art as a career or more of a hobby?

No, I’m actually going into coding as a career, but this is definitely going to be one of my main hobbies, and if not I’d like to go into graphic programming which merges the two.

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Rose Kanaley

Rose Kanaley
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