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All Good Vibes: Museum Of Good Vibes Review

When initially seeing the Instagram ad on my feed for the Museum of Good Vibes coming to Kansas City’s very own Westport Event Space, I was slightly turned away. With the cliché name, it didn’t really seem like my kind of scene. 

But I swallowed my judgments and after paying for a reasonable $16 ticket and time slot, all of my concerns faded away as I stepped through the lavender curtains that led me straight to the “good vibes” that had been lacking from my mundane Tuesday afternoon. 

The opening room was plastered with a colorful collage, forming an array of artistic pictures and uplifting quotes including “as long as you’re happy who cares” and “have the time of your life.” Although it was simple, it did not fail delivering the good vibes and offered the perfect photoshoot opportunity. The positive and bright atmosphere sets the tone for what the rest of the 45 minutes walking through this place would be like — colorful and uplifting.

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One of my favorites was the cloud room, which had a rainbow-pastel staircase leading up to it. It was simple yet proved to be mood-lifting — a blue room with seven clouds made of stuffing hanging from the ceiling was the highlight of my day. The breathtaking and fluffy clouds made me feel like I was on cloud nine (pun intended).

Looking for the doorway to the next room, I saw two window-like openings in the wall with stairs leading up to them. The glitter streamers blocked the view through the windows, so I moved them aside and my eyes met a wall covered with more red, blue, purple and gold streamers. I was impressed, I hadn’t seen that many streamers since my third grade birthday party.

I had noticed a door, but the obvious entrance to this room was a slide below the windows. Crawling through the window, navigating through the streamers and sliding down the yellow slide caused undeniable laughter to escape my mouth. 

There was a disco room with shimmery balls hanging from the ceiling, and you guessed it, seemingly infinite fluorescent silver streamers. I started to think they had made some kind of deal with Party City where they get a better price the more streamers they buy. Another room was coated in pink paint from top to bottom, with sparkly confetti covering the floor (fact: showering yourself in the confetti makes for the perfect selfie and is an instant mood booster).

An intriguing sign in front of a rose-covered wall read, “Pssst… this room has a secret.” Hidden among the roses was a doorknob and upon opening the door was a room least expected. 

Expecting a flowery, colorful room, I was instead met with a mirror-covered room illuminated solely by purple LED lights. I was a little worried because it reminded me of the scene from “IT: Chapter 2,” which also involved mirrors and a creepy clown, but I instantly turned my attention from clowns to observing and appreciating the room’s obscurity and cool vibes. 

The rose theme on the outside was able to provide me with “good vibes” to spare — I was completely satisfied with the wall flowers. But the dark, mysterious mirrors — a theme opposite from the room’s initial appearance — still created excitement and was a great experience providing a change of scenery from all the previous rooms.

Easily the biggest room, which was downstairs, consisted of a giant see-saw, a two hole mini-golf course and three basketball hoops with mini rubber basketballs. 

After four embarrassing attempts, I finally hit the rubber golf ball in the hole and showed off my lay-up skills derived from my sixth grade basketball career. If you’re an aspiring golfer, basketball player or simply love see-saws, this museum offers great resources and could be a fun competitive atmosphere for you and your friends.

The walls in the last room were painted a light, lilac purple while the back wall was a reflective material. But the most attractive feature was the ball pit with clear plastic balls. Energetically jumping into it wasn’t encouraged, but a slip later and I was engulfed in the pit. It seemed impossible to escape, but frankly, I was fine with that. As a very stressed highschool student, it felt nice to travel back in time to be a kid playing in a ball pit, and experience the childhood nostalgia. This addition of childhood whimsy I didn’t know I needed was the perfect ending to a museum that held me in a constant state of smiling.

Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, (something good I’d hoped), this experience was incredibly entertaining because of its unique exhibits and displays. The system of buying flexible time slots and online tickets prevented chaos and a large crowd. If a museum offering any kind of good vibes comes to KC, take that opportunity. Good vibes can be hard to come by — but no matter what kind of day you’ve had, streamers and ball pits are the easy fix.

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