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A Season for Success

The start of girl’s swim has begun as they complete their first meet April 2nd against Blue Valley North. Their scores this year have gone up increasingly high than last year’s with BVN which sparked the girls chemistry to the highest altitude.

Comparing to last year’s successes, the swim team thinks that their immense positivity through their team will increase their chances for state in the upcoming months. Their first meet consisted of five state time relays and nine individual state times.

Sophomore and two time varsity swimmer, Lauren McDougle thinks this season is going to be a strong one and with the team’s chemistry she has confidence that the girls will enhance their times and ability as the meets continue.

“I think the team this year has really motivated me and some upperclassman to swim our fastest and be a role model to the new freshman on varsity,” McDougle said.

Girls varsity teams consists more of an equal amount of swimmers from each grade. The talent between all the girls is very alike. Some swimmers are better in some types of strokes and others are better in relays.

“All of us work so hard in different places during meets, which really helps advance the teams score for overall,” McDougal said.

With the loss of some seniors last year, the team had to reconnect again and restart their team into a stronger and successful group of girls in the pool. This year so far, the team bonding during “drylands” and meets have strengthen the chemistry throughout the coaches and the team.

“Drylands are the worst part of the swimming because of all the workouts, but it’s also the best when you are just surrounded by the groups struggling together,” Freshman varsity swimmer, Meg Gunderman said.

With Gunderman’s first year on the team, she feels welcomed and pushed by her tamates to swim faster every meet. The team’s kindness towards their newcomers helps them succeed by cancelling the girls nervousness as they swim.

This season of girls swim is working hard towards states and hard competition that is coming their way. With the friendship throughout the team, the girl’s future as the season continues is definitely going to bloom into a stronghold.

“I’m excited to kick butt this season and prepare for state in the next couple weeks,” Mcdougal said.

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