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2018 bowling tryouts; results

LUH_0436Bowling tryouts took place Nov. 29 and 30 for girls and Dec. 4 and 5 for boys. Both teams were announced Wednesday, and are listed below in alphabetical order, along with their grades. Get a look into the season as well through a quick Q&A with senior Audrey Helmuth and coach Frederick Elliot.






Alexis Proctor 10

Amanda Anderson 12

Audrey Helmuth 12

Campbell Wood 9

Hannah Ives 11

Katharina Illig 12

Katherine Hamilton 9

Kaylee Krivena 11

Leah Meeker 9

Lynn Guestello 11

Merrie Clough 9

Nicole Schuck-Sparks 12

Sam Thomas 10

Sidney Reicker 11

Sydney Grace Williams 10

Victoria Leal 9



Austin Eckenwiler 12

Beau Warner 10

Calvin Stry 10

Colin Hueser 12

Ethan Riscovallez 10

Grayson Warner 12

Harrison Flannigan 9

Jack Jantsch 10

John Allen 12

Johnny Looney 12

Kevin Connor 12

Nick Zillner 11

Sylvan Borns 9

Tim Coode 12

Tom Schotte 12


Q&A with coach Frederick Elliot:

Q: Overall how is the upcoming season looking for bowling?

A: “I think the season is going to be really good this year. A lot of people are excited about it, and we had kids in every grade which is really good. But a lot of the people who are bowling want to bowl. They go on their own time because you got to spend time on your own bowling. So they get together in groups, they’re like one big happy family. They have a GroupMe and they’re always talking back and forth, chattering and stuff which is good.”

Q: How will this season be different from the last. Are there any major changes?

A: “We just have more experience, we have more experience coming in and this group of seniors, we’ve had them all the way since freshman [year]. They’ve grown as they’ve come through, so it’s good to see the results. Now we just need to get some back-to-back classes because we have one big class and we only have one junior boy. But I have five sophomore boys, I have six senior boys and this year I only have two freshman boys. Now [for] the girls I have about four sophomore girls and I have now six freshman girls, so it’s hard to get back-to-back. And that’s hard in bowling. Very seldom [a school] gets back-to-back classes. That’s our goal — to be like some of the Olathe schools, they actually will cut like 60 to 70 kids.”

Q&A with coach Senior Audrey Helmuth:

Q: What are practices like?

A: “We have organized practices everyday after school for [about] two hours, and sometimes Saturday mornings.”

Q: How will this season be different from the last?

A: “There will be upperclassmen, but there won’t be any upperclassmen above me which is kind of weird. A lot of the people that I’ve been on the team with since freshman year are basically going to be leading the bowling team now. We have a very even number of girls from each grade I think, so that’s going to be kind of new.”

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