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The elegant “Downton Abbey”

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A movie about snobby, rich, English men and women may sound basic, but it never is. There’s high society, romance and drama. It leaves the viewer’s mind swirling with the crazy drama and gossip of the 1900s.

“Downton Abbey” was just that — a drama-romance-action-pop film with its fair share of lovey-dovey moments and unexpected twists.

“Downton Abbey” originated as a television show with six seasons that came out in 2010. It can be hard to catch on to the immediate introduction to characters and the fast pace movement, but eventually it all comes together. When the movie begins, the characters were not very clear — there’s no indicator as to who the random guy getting on a train and delivering a letter to Downtown Abbey is. But soon after, the situation becomes more understandable.

The actors were not your typical American actors like Robert Downey Jr. or Meryl Streep. They were English actors — complete with the British accents. 

The movie takes place in the early 1900s between World War I and II, and just before Queen Elizabeth II came into power. The Downton Abbey estate is owned by a very wealthy English family, and run by a very equipped staff. 

The movie tied in contemporary modern-day side stories to show drama, romance, action and more. Women were doing work like setting up a parade. Men were staying home when their pregnant wives. In addition, there was a scene of a gay bar. These little hints added a modern day twist on the early 1900s — showcasing the tribulation and secrecy that entailed LGBTQ+ people at the time.

The rich beauty of the clothes, the dramatic balls is beyond pleasing to the eye. There’s a lot of dialogue in the movie — which the casual viewer may be hard to track — but more seasoned viewers that have dipped into English television will have no trouble deciphering.

The estate’s elegant style is a catalyst for instant jaw-drops and high eyebrows — leaving the slightest bit of longing for a time like the 1900s

Occasionally, the movie was peppered with corny moments in the best, most unique way that actually enhanced the experience. The cheesy romantic dancing on the terrace, the surprise relationship that quickly blossoms, the staff refusing to back down from competition — just cliché enough to work. And that may be the best way to describe the film itself: a murky reflection of old, pompous England with splendid and exaggerated drama and humor.

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