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Spring Break Disasters

Dane Erickson, Junior

Q: Where did you go for Spring Break?

A: “I went on the Italy Trip for Choir”

Q: What Spring Break disaster happened to you?

A: “My flight to Italy got canceled and my whole group and chaperones were stranded in Atlanta for the night. A few of us decided to get a flight to Paris, and then fly to Rome. We couldn’t make our flight from Paris to Rome so we were stranded again.”

Q: What was it like to be stuck in another country?

A: “We were just sitting on the Paris airport floor with everyone else walking around around us. We saw pictures from what they were seeing in Italy which made us disappointed we weren’t with them.”

Q: What did you miss from the Italy Trip from your travel complications?

A: “We missed out on the concert at Chiesa di Ognissanti and All Saints Church, in Florence. And the exploring and sightseeing in Florence.”

Q: When did you finally get to Rome?

A: “We got on a flight the same day we got Paris. I carried my bags on with me, but the others checked their bags. Their bags ended up not making the flight with us.”


DSC_0010Bella Tegtmeier, Freshman

Q: Where did you go on spring break?

A: “I went to La romana Dominican Republic on a mission trip with Village Presbyterian Church.”

Q: What did you do there?

A: “I worked in classrooms and taught English [to children in the village], contributed to building a school, scrubbed into surgeries, ad taught families about healthy living choices.”

Q: What went wrong on your Spring Break?

A: “I had a bad allergic reaction to something on the trip although we don’t know exactly what it was. I broke out into a rash all over my body. It didn’t affect my trip, but it lasted the whole time. Luckily it’s gone now.”


DSC_0002Anabelle Merchant, Freshman

Q: Where did you go for spring break?

A: “I went to Steamboat, Colorado.”

Q: Why did you go and who did you go with?

A: “I went with my family and three other family friends. It’s been a tradition to go skiing ever since I was little, and I look forward to it every year.”

Q: What disaster happened on your spring break?

A: “I was skiing down the mountain and was the first one in my group to make it to the bottom. There were poles to separate different lanes and as I was going into one, my ski caught something and I began to turn and ran into the pole and got a bruise on my cheekbone.”


DSC_0008Lucy Hartman, Freshman

Q: Where did you go for spring break?

A: “I went to Nicaragua with my family, just to relax.”

Q: What disaster happened to you on spring break?

A: “I got second degree burns from being out in the sun.”

Q: Has it healed yet? How did you heal it?

A: “It took about a week to heal and I used layers of sunscreen during the day. And aloe to cool it down and make sure it didn’t blister badly.”


DSC_0015Jacob Johnson: Freshman

Q: Where did you go for Spring Break?

A: “I went to Oklahoma City with my mom to go to the OKC Thunder game.”

Q: What happened during your trip?

A: “I woke up one morning and had these red, itchy, tiny bumps all over my body. I took some medicine and then it went away, but we think it could’ve been from the hotel that we stayed in.”

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