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Weinberg Fine Art Gallery


Even before I had fully entered the Weinberg Fine Art gallery, I got warm and welcoming vibes through the employee’s smiles. Although it was smaller than I first anticipated, that aspect only furthered the quaint and homey feel of the gallery. The walls, a sleek cream color, are lined with paintings and sculptures of various sizes and styles. Its smooth surfaces are only interrupted by a piece of art, creating a clean-cut and professional look.

These are aspects of the Weinberg Fine Art gallery which I had the pleasure of exploring on our recent three day weekend. No harsh, white lights beating down on sleek surfaces, instead a warm glow was coming in from the windows along with additional lights illuminating the artwork. The pillars in the middle of the gallery were covered in large numbers of tiny paint clumps making them uneven and unpolished in looks –something I didn’t expect from a high-end gallery. Instead, I assumed they would be uniform with no flaws or imperfections to take away from the art.

After making my way through the gallery, which could take as little as 25 minutes or up to a few hours depending on how much one wanted to delve into the art, two pieces stuck out to me. These were from the artists Ruth Borum-Loveland and Margaret Evangeline. Borum-Loveland is an up and coming local artist who just recently transferred to being a full time artist with the help of this gallery. The Weinberg Fine Art gallery defines her works as “mixed media two dimensional work,” arranged in colorful circular patterns. The second artist, Evangeline, incorporates shimmering paints on large canvases. In these particular pieces, her work includes flowers in some instances stretching across the whole canvas. Each artist brings something unique to their creations which made it an interesting visit.

img_9313Another element that made this visit interesting was all of the information the ladies working at the gallery were able to provide to us. As Kelly Jander, the director of corporate programs at Weinberg Fine Art gallery, saw us admiring one of Margaret Evangeline’s pieces, she brought over a book that was the inspiration for
Evangeline’s paintings, art made from shooting bullets into metal. She gave us furthered substantial information about the artist in front of us. Additionally, Jander showed us some of the different types of art and prices in the gallery as well as giving interesting personal backgrounds to each of the artists. This made our trip longer but more substantial.

One of my favorite parts of this gallery is the price variation. As Jander explained, it’s not as enjoyable walking around and seeing art that is way out of your price range and can be discouraging if everything seems so out of reach. The Weinberg gallery sticks to this concept with well known artists paintings selling at $25,000 to drawings at more affordable prices for the average public at $900. You can even pick up a book in the 20 dollar range to kickstart your entry into the art world.

There are variations in this gallery aside from art prices. They have a range of artists from Madeline Gallucci, a world-renown artist, to newer ones such as Ruth Borum-Loveland who is still getting their bearings in the world of art. The Weinberg Fine Art gallery is an enthusiastic supporter of new up-and-coming artists. Along with a range of prices, you can find glass-based pieces, massive paintings and even art you can step on. I appreciated the variation in the gallery as a whole whether it being in the prices or types of art in itself. Learning about the different kinds of artists they feature only furthered my appreciation of this gallery.

Not every piece of art is encased in glass but more interactive which contributes to another admirable aspect of this gallery–how inviting it is as a whole. They have options for experienced and nuanced art collectors either looking to further or begin their art collections. The Weinberg Fine Art gallery has wide ranging event calendar to integrate art in the larger community. When I was there they were getting ready to host a wedding and in two weeks they will be throwing party at a local artist’s glass studio.

Before this experience, when I thought of an art gallery I thought cold, quiet and stern. A cold atmosphere and stern and quiet people who will glare with even the implication of raised voices. Downtown in the art district, the Weinberg Fine Art gallery was quite the opposite. I would love to go back in during one of their “meet the artist” events and be surrounded by people who appreciate the art as much as I do. With the warm lighting, inviting bright orange door, smiling faces and considerable variation in the gallery it’s hard to not want to go back in the future.

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