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Student Council Hosts New Events to Benefit the Can Drive

Student Council has revamped their strategy for promoting the can drive in order to increase the amount of donations from the past year.  New events include voting for your preferred presidential candidate with cans and buying chances to win gift cards to local businesses. Student Council is publicizing the can drive on the announcements, posters throughout the school and by purchasing soup can costumes. The can drive will benefit the Johnson County Christmas Bureau and will be held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 30. The Johnson County Christmas Bureau is a United Way agency dedicated to providing holiday assistance to low income Johnson County residents. In the past year, 400 Johnson County families were denied services due to their limited supply of goods. They accept perishable food items, paper goods, toiletries, cleaning products, and money donations. JCCB prefers financial donations because they can usually purchase canned goods in bulk at a lower cost than the community can. Donations can be dropped off outside the counselor’s office. New events being implemented this year are the presidential can-didate election, raking leaves in the community, and opportunity to win.

Presidential Can-didate Election Oct 29th-Nov 6th)
Although most of the student body can’t vote, they can voice their political opinions by bringing in cans to support their candidate. Barrels will be outside the counselor’s office; Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Ryan.

Raking leaves (November 4,11,18)
With the leaves quickly falling, raking your leaves can be a pain. Sophomore Student Council members are volunteering to rake leaves in return for a donation to the JCCB The suggested minimum donation is $50. Please contact (913)-221-7503 if interested.

Opportunity to Win (November 5th-16th)
Students and Faculty can buy tickets for $1 to enter a drawing for gift cards to local business. The winners will be announced at MORP, but you do not need to be present to claim your prize.

“So far we have Hattie’s, Starbucks, and TCBY,” Student Body President A.J. Orth said. “But we are currently in the process of getting donations for other local businesses. we are also planning a number of ‘homegrown’ gifts such as spiritwear and having treats brought to your similar.”

Every day is Friday (November 5th-9th)
Some may remember the event “Stop the Bop” from three years ago, and this event is back. This year it will be called “Every day is Friday” because of the song they have chosen to play. “Friday” by Rebecca Black, will be played during all passing periods daily for the week of November 5-9. The song will stop playing if a total of $25 is raised that day.

“We brought this event back because it was an immensely successful fundraiser a couple of years ago,” student body treasurer Joe Simmons said. “We chose the song because we tried to think of the most annoying song on the planet and “Friday” won.”

Voting for Soup (Oct 30th-Nov 6th)
Has anybody been wondering what the “vote for chunky”, “vote for tomato” signs in the hall mean? Students will be able to vote for which kind of soup they will best: chunky, tomato, or chicken noodle. The barrels will be located outside of the counseling office. Make sure you don’t let you favorite kind of soup down.

Besides the new events above, Student Council will be bringing back popular events from last year.

Bachelor Auction (November 13th)
The bachelor auction has been successful in the past and there are high hopes to continue that tradition this year. Four boys from each grade, ideally from four unique extra curricular groups, have been chosen to be auctioned off for cans. Students will bid can to win a date with their preferred bachelor. This popular event will be in the cafeteria at 7 p.m.

Senior Night Tailgate (October 26th)
Before the football game, grab a meal from the Senior Night tailgate while supporting the JCCB. The tailgate starts at 5:30 p.m.Two Guys and A Grill will be providing six dollar meals which include a drink, chips, and a burger, hotdog, or chicken sandwich.

MORP (November 16th)
Rather than taking hours to get ready for PROM, throw on your best holiday attire and come to the East Cafeteria for . The night of November 16th will be full of people actually dancing at a school dance. Tickets can be purchased for $10.

Flamingo-ing (November 5th-16th)
If you are driving to school and see many pink flamingos in your neighbors yard, don’t be alarmed. Pink flamingos will be placed in various East families’ yards and removed only when they make a donation to the JCCB. The first family will be chosen by Student Council, who will then choose the next family.  Some may think this is harsh, but this event has been very successful in the past. Thousands of dollars have been raised in a single year due to this long-legged, plastic, pink birds.

Culver’s Night (November 28th)
Come to State Line Culver’s for dinner on November 28th and have Student Council members serve you. Ten percent of the profits will benefit the JCCB.

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