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Stuco Holds First Annual Trivia Night

Photos by CJ Manne SES_0582

StuCo hosted Trivia Night in the cafeteria Wednesday, Jan. 25 to raise money for a charity of the winning group’s choice. Each team was made up of four to five students with one teacher and paid a collective entrance fee of $25.

Skinny Pop, Snickers bars and chips were provided as snacks and the competition was in full swing for the cash prize. Ten questions from eight different categories, including sports, celebrities and school subjects, were projected onto the screen in the front of the cafeteria where students sat on edge for the next question to quickly answer. The room quieted as each question appeared and teams jotted down their final answers and by the end of each category a member from each team flocked to the panel of judges for grading.

Some attendees claimed the event brought together a diverse group of friends for them.

“I thought it was a really fun idea. My team was random, we were all friends but we all have different areas of interest which made it fun and helped our team,” senior Emily Kohring said.

Student body treasurer and secretary senior Morgan Biles came up with Trivia Night along with senior student body president Mazie Brooke and vice president Peter Haynes. According to Biles, StuCo is constantly coming up with new events to raise money, however, the turnout for the events varies indefinitely.

“It was a first year event so we weren’t sure because it can be kind of hit or miss, so we were really happy we had the turnout of 26 teams,” Biles said.

The final winning team, Mr. Southwick‘s Beard, won and split half of the total $600 raised. $300 was sent to Boys and Girls Club of KC while the other $300 was split amongst the group members: juniors Ellie Van Gorden, Rae Thiemann, Taylor Revaire, Andrew Moore, Denny Rice.

The success of the event raised money for a cause and gathered students for healthy competition. StuCo plans on continuing Trivia Night next year and possibly even doing another before the end of this semester Biles said.

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Daisy Bolin

Daisy Bolin is a senior at Shawnee Mission East and the head copy editor of the Harbinger in her fourth year on staff. Outside of Harbinger Daisy is a member of the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City, DECA, StuCo, and Share Chair of Pack of Pals. She can generally be found nannying or running late just about anywhere. Read Full »

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