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STANDEES Restaurant Delivers Warm Entertainment

STANDEES Interior SmallAs soon as you walk into STANDEES you instantly feel welcomed. Whether it be the warm colors featured throughout the restaurant or the friendly hostess that holds the door for you, you know that you will be treated as a preferred customer.

The restaurant and movie theatre combination opened in May and is located in the Prairie Village shopping center off of Tomahawk road. Its main purpose is to appeal to the 21+ age group, but I still felt as if I fit in there as a teenager. Customers can either eat, see a movie or do both. The theatre offers three movies at a time and changes them in a timely fashion.

As soon as I crossed through the large circular entrance, I was met with the choice between the restaurant and theatre. Because I did not have time for a movie, I passed and went straight to the restaurant.

STANDEES TheatreIn the restaurant, my family and I were seated in a large booth that had a perfect view of the large flat screen TVs that stretch across the area above the bar. All the TVs featured everything from the Food Network to football and the waiter was even kind enough to put on the Golf Channel for my dad.

The restaurant was not very busy, despite it being a Sunday afternoon. This made me slightly skeptical about my meal. If the food is bad then people wouldn’t come to a restaurant, right? Well, the meal I had definitely proved that question wrong.

For my lunch, I ordered “The Stanwich”, STANDEES’ signature grilled cheese. The sandwich came on deliciously soft sourdough bread that was the perfect mix of toasted, but not burnt. The mixture of cheeses on it blended perfectly together and created a smooth texture. The chips that came with it arguably the best part of the entree. Unlike chips that you get at other restaurants, these chips were thinly sliced potatoes that are not crisp. Instead they were chewier and soft with just the right amount of salt sprinkled on top of them.

STANDEES Interior 1After eating all of my chips, I wasn’t sure how my meal could get better, then dessert came. I split the signature STANDEES sundae with my family, but it was so good that I wished I had just ordered one for myself instead. The mixture of the creamy ice cream and smooth homemade caramel sauces was divine, and the pieces of caramel corn on top were the perfect way to add a salty taste to the sweet sundae. I wish I would have been able to spend more time enjoying the sundae and less time trying to fight the spoons of the rest of my family members.

When the check came, the waiter offered us movie tickets and I was sad to decline, after my meal I knew seeing a movie there would be a great, entertaining experience. Despite that small disappointment, I left STANDEES a satisfied customer that will definitely return again. And next time I will make sure to leave myself enough time to see a movie as well in order to get the full STANDEES experience.

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